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The Tortuga is a 165 foot steel ship that was sunk in April 1995. The difference between this wreck and others is this particular ship was purchased by a movie company to be sunk on purpose in conjunction with DERM, the Department of Environmental Resource Management as an artificial reef. The elaborate explosion and sinking was all to be filmed for the movie Fair Game, starring Cindy Crawford and William Baldwin.

In the climatic scene at the end of the movie, the entire detonation and sinking of the Tortuga was documented as the characters portrayed by the two stars narrowly escape from the ship with their lives.

The wreck is a classic one, sitting completely upright in 100 feet of water. One of its distinctive features are the twin props which are totally intact making a great photographic opportunity. The Tortuga is located in the Pflueger Reef Site and the loran coordinates are Lattitude 25 49' 14.8" Longitude 80 5' 6.5"

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